Thursday, 31 May 2012

Current Musical Happenings 4

This post is about a couple of cool gigs I got coming up.
First of which is a band which is a band called "Jack PC's hot fives", which I play electric bass for. This will be a fun gig, load of great open tunes, and check out the poster! (all's explained in the poster)

The second gig I'll mention is my carnage band. Mostly my tunes and some of the other members, the line up is......
Huw V Williams - Bass
Jon Reynolds - Drums
Lloyd Haines - Drums
James Clark - Accordion
Joe Webb - Wurlitzer
Greg Sterland - Tenor Saxophone
Jack PC - Alto Saxophone
Dan Smith - Baritone Saxophone
This gig will be going on in Dempseys on the 26th of June and entry will be about £5.

Lastly...... check out my soundcloud.............

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