Monday, 16 May 2011

Current musical happenings 2.0

This is a clip of Hugh Laurie playing Turkish Mambo by Lennie Tristano. I guess the Tristano school way of learning music is getting more popular by the day.

On another note, recently I've been checking out some records Trevor Dunn plays on,  realising how life changing his influence on me actually is. I started checking him out when I was around 15 when I first heard Mr. Bungle's first album, basically it was from being obsessed with this band that i started my fascination with the more avant-garde side of jazz and the double bass. It's been great returning to some of the music he plays on, like his trio convulsant record with Mary Halvorson and all those old Bungle album. More recently I've been listening to Chris Speed's new band, Endangered Blood which has Dunn on bass, Jim Black on drums and Oscar Noriega on alto sax and bass clarinet. The music's incredible and I hadn't realised until listening to that how good Dunn is as a double bass player. If you want to check out more on Trevor Dunn, check out his website, there's a great page of Q&A he's answered over the years, definitely worth a read.

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