Sunday, 10 April 2011

Food and vibe

As I was sorting out the Photos on my laptop, I realised that i have a load of pictures of food that I had uploaded since last summer, so I thought I'd put them up here to share my culinary tastes.

This was an odd hotpot I cooked with my housemate last summer, a sort of chilli con carne thing, we ran out of food in the house so scrapped this together with what we were able to find.

This is something cooked this with my girlfriend around January, scallops cooked with chilli and garlic, fried leek, sweet pepper, couchette and egg fried rice........ a lot of frying

This was also cooked by the same personnel, around february, I grabbed inspiration for this from Jamie Oliver's fish fight, curried coley, chickpea saag and a lot of cous cous.

This is a breakfast with home made hash brown, garlic mushrooms, cabbage and onion slop, beans, poached egg and some posh bread to make it look nice.

Gig food from the Open Hearth in Torfaen when i did a gig there, big ass fish.

Doesn't look that nice, but I though because it looked so green it needed a mention.

Home made coley fish fingers with tomato salsa and home made chips, made at home.

Pepper board.

Prawn and tomato linguine, with water cress leaves kicking around.

As concludes, i love food, maybe a bit too much.

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