Saturday, 12 March 2011

Current musical happenings

I haven't posted a blog for a while, so I felt like I should put one up and discuss some random shit!

I had a gig last night at Torfaen Jazz club in Sebastopol with Huw Warren and his son Zoot. Crazy place full of wonderful characters, they have a really great programme on there, Tony Kofi's on there next friday, which should be unreal. Ceri Williams, the club's promoter also does live streaming of the gigs on Ustream every friday, we had a guy from France checking it out. If you get a chance catch the gigs they put on and please support this lovely little club, unfortunately it's at that period with jazz where success lies in the survival of the music.

I've also been really busy recently with Rachel K Collier's band, who I heavily mentioned in the last blog post, (not really mentioned, but posted a load of links). We recorded her second EP last weekend in Cardiff, which was a lot of fun, 4 of her new tracks (which are all brilliant songs). We have a few gigs coming up with the band in the next few weeks;
17/03 Vulcan Lounge (Cardiff)
18/03 North Star (Cardiff)
20/03 Coal Exchange (Cardiff)
27/03 Surface Festival, Great Portland Street (London)
08/04 Spice of Life Soho (London)
We have more booked for the future, but there are some I'm sure I've forgotten to put in my diary (oops). Other than playing funny music, twittering and blogging I've been messing about with Imovie and made a little documentary about Rachel's band...........

Last thing, I've become totally obsessed again with a Victor Feldman record, "The Arrival of Victor Feldman", it has Victor on vibes and piano, Scott LaFaro on bass and Stan Levey on drums. Scott's bass playing is unreal, such great feel and amazing harmonic knowledge, it's amazing in 1958 he was only 21 and doing all these amazing harmonic substitutions at that age (I've only got 4 months to get it together then!). Check it out, amazing album, well worth a listen.

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